Surface Materials (Faux finishes)

Surface "fusions" are rooted in both Native American and European tradition. Both cultures have imitated stone, wood, and other materials by employing decorative artistic techniques, for centuries.

Native American culture, for instance, has long been recognized for its sophisticated use of symbolism and decorative illustrative techniques that bring Native American artifacts to life.  And faux marbling was employed liberally throughout Europe during the Renaissance, in churches, palaces and other public buildings where the cost or weight of genuine marble would have been prohibitive. 

At EagleVisions, we bring these traditions together with the finest surface materials available on the market.  Our "fusions," replicate genuine marble, stone, steel --and hundreds of other materials--and the result is that visitors are unable to distinguish the difference.  In addition, we also produce custom designs that replicate original artwork. And, like the Renaissance masters of the past, our installers are craftsmen who take great pride in their work. The results are remarkable—highly cost-effective architectural components, for a fraction of the price.

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