Signage(Monument, Exterior, Interior)  

EagleVisions designs signage systems that seamlessly integrate with your brand and support your construction goals. We help you achieve the best value and highest quality aesthetics using non-traditional, environmentally-friendly solutions such as signs made from plant sources, and Surface Materials.

Monument Signage

Integrating decorative finishes in outdoor monument signage, one is able to achieve high-end results at a fraction of the cost. Marble, granite, wood, and other materials may be replicated with fusions (faux finish surface materials) that are available for 10-30% of the cost. Plus, our signs are proven to weather the elements and withstand the test of time.

Indoor Signage Environmental Certification

Green Guard

These days, the term "eco-friendly" is thrown around a lot and often misused. This misrepresentation has made it difficult to know what is a truly 100% green product. EagleVisions deliberately chooses to partner with companies who develop products and systems that pose no air or water pollution when recycled, reused or disposed of in managed, aerated landfills.  All of the components and processes that go into EagleVisions' Material™ Ecology Series, for instance, must be inert, with no adverse effects on our environment.  And, to prove it, it has been certified with GREENGUARD.

Materia™ Environmental Signage

MateriaWhat Materia™ is:   The Materia™ Ecology Series is the first and only GREENGUARD certified interior signage system available in the United States.  Materia™ consists of two systems, Verde™ and Forte™.  Both of these eco-friendly signage systems are manufactured with a unique combination of renewable and sustainable resources from cashew extract to plant starches to 100% post-consumer recycled paper and wood composites.

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