About Us: Dakota Founder

Leonard Prescott

  • Owner, EagleVisions, Creative Architectural Solutions
  • Former Chairman of Mdewakanton Dakota Community, Shakopee, Minnesota
  • Native American Visionary Leader, Former Lobbyist for National Indian Gaming Rights
As a strong, visionary leader, Leonard Prescott has devoted his life to the future of his people, not just the Mdewakanton, but all Native Americans.   Like tribal leaders of the past who directed their people to bountiful buffalo herds, Mr. Prescott has a gift that enables him to envision, and create, new economies. He is well known throughout "Indian Country" for the work he did in bringing about Native American gaming as an enterprise for his people. And today he is once again putting rhetoric into action, with the founding of EagleVisions, a Creative Architectural Solutions company.

Helping End 200 Years of Misery

Mr. Prescott's involvement in paving the way for Native American gaming rights in the United States is a story of perseverance. It was not an easy journey. There were many roadblocks and years of apathy that had to be overcome along the way. Yet, in the end, his lobbying efforts were successful.  He was able to found the first state Indian Gaming Association in Minnesota.  He went on to become a founding member and Chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association.  And he was the Chairman of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Dakota Community from 1984-1992.

From Cards to Construction

One may wonder why this highly successful former Chairman has entered the commercial construction industry. The answer lies in his continued commitment to making a difference, protecting the environment, and helping his people create diverse economies. And there is also the issue of membership, and the impact on tribal nations that are experiencing population growth and the increased resources needed to provide for them. Mr. Prescott feels his people are at a crossroads, one that will usher in years of diminishing returns, without diversification.

In forming EagleVisions, Mr. Prescott is reaching out into Indian Country and creating new jobs and sources of revenue. The company employs Native Americans from both reservation lands and inner-city communities. And, because the company distributes commercial building products that use less energy, have smaller eco-"footprints," and provide a better value for their commercial construction clients, it is well positioned for the future.