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    Creative Architectural Solutions
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    We provide eco-friendly building products.
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    We will be known forever
    by the tracks we leave.
    Dakota Tribal Leader
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    Design standards are met with
    innovation and creativity.
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    Continuing Our Legacy as
    Custodians of the Earth.
    Leonard Prescott - CEO
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    Sustainability and green building design standards.
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    We respect and promote nature's
    own processes of growth,
    succession and interaction.

EagleVisions.A Native American Owned Company

Commercial construction. There are few occupations as important for the long-term sustainability of the earth and its natural resources. Those involved in commercial construction are called up throughout the process to make decisions that have both immediate and long-lasting impact. Therefore, the choices you make for architectural solutions and building materials are critical.

At Eagle Visions, we work closely with commercial construction companies, architects and designers. Drawing upon our Native American roots, we provide you with low-impact solutions that optimize your construction budget while delivering remarkable aesthetics. The architectural solutions and products we offer include: fusions (decorative wall finishes and surface materials); signage; acrylic panels; and lighting.

Design standards are met with innovation and creativity.

Eagle Visions Signage


Signage systems that seamlessly integrate with your brand and support your construction goals. Specializing in eco-certified signage.More >

Eagle Visions Surface Materials

Surface Materials

Surface Materials are rooted in both European and Native American tradition. Both cultures imitated stone, wood, and other materials by employing decorative artistic techniques. More >

Eagle Visions Lighting


We use the best available conservation science & innovatie technologies to maximize your return on investment and cut your energy expenses by 50 - 60%. More >

Eagle Visions Acrylic Panels

Acrylic Panels

Sustainability and green building design standards are met with innovation and creativity. More >

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